21 April 2023 social-media

LinkedIn: Best Practices

In the digital age, a plethora of tools are available to support us in a multitude of tasks. Whether it's to increase one's notoriety, learn new ways of doing things, or to refine one's techniques, there's an app to help you.


When it comes to the professional side of things, one social platform naturally comes to mind: LinkedIn. LinkedIn is probably one of the most internationally used networking tools. Use it to share professional achievements, look for a job, or seek advice from colleagues in your field; whatever your needs, this app is likely to become your go-to for professional communication.


However, have you ever asked yourself if you're using it to its full potential? Continue reading to discover how to improve your use of this tool, now a staple of professional social networking!



What’s the Purpose of LinkedIn?


Since its inception, LinkedIn has been described as the leading professional networking social network. One of its greatest advantages is its free nature. It can easily be used by students, just as well as by experienced professionals to grow their network.


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for those who want to explore the multiple career possibilities that exist within their sector of activity or available fields of specialization.


Having an active account can also be useful when job hunting, as the app is increasingly used by recruiters.

As a business owner, LinkedIn can be used to raise your profile among a larger audience. It can also help you increase your notoriety, especially by allowing you to share your professional successes or to express your views on issues related to your field.


There are also several paid versions available that offer a host of features. Some versions reveal the identities of people who have visited your profile. Others can give you unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning, which offers dozens of courses on a variety of different subjects.

In short, the possibilities are numerous; it all depends on how you use it. What’s important is to know your preferences.



Winning Over the LinkedIn Algorithm


Despite the complexity of LinkedIn's algorithm, there are several tactics to tip the scales in your favor regarding reach.


LinkedIn also suggests, as with many social networks, to promote community engagement: comments, shares, and clicks on the "see more" option are always well received and should be encouraged. To achieve this engagement, the goal is to keep users on your post as long as possible. The more time spent on it, the more the algorithm will consider it relevant.


Moreover, did you know that you can now schedule your professional posts directly on the LinkedIn platform? This feature will certainly help you maintain the ideal pace of one to three posts per week.

Also, the app tends to favor moderation, so avoid using too many emojis and hashtags; the ideal number is between 2 and 4.



How to Avoid Displeasing the LinkedIn Algorithm?


LinkedIn's algorithm will quickly judge a post based on several criteria before deciding whether to spread it or not. For example, if you add an external link, it will automatically neglect your post: it hates to take readers away from its site!


It also does not appreciate it when several people are tagged in a post. It may then be wise to stick to a maximum of 4 people mentioned per post.


So avoid repetitive posts that address too many people at once: you will lose users' attention, who will quickly abandon your content, giving a bad impression to the algorithm!


It's also important to keep your posts well-spaced. Always keep in mind the readability of your content. This is what will set you apart from the flow of information on the news feed.


The key is to have a sustained presence on the social network. That's what will push your content beyond your network.



In Conclusion


LinkedIn is a social network that is sometimes underestimated, but when used to its full potential, can bring great rewards. Whether in terms of recognition or recruitment, it can support you in all sorts of tasks. Just take the time to get to know it and learn about that famous LinkedIn algorithm!


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