May 2023 - Case Study International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia - Émergence Foundation

Client: Émergence Foundation

Service: Press Relations

Year: 2017-2023


tök communications has been collaborating with the Émergence Foundation for six years. We have worked together on various annual press relations campaigns to support their commitments. For the 20th edition of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, the foundation aims to continue its awareness-raising efforts regarding the challenges and realities of LGBTQPHOBIA among target audiences. Building on its reputation and credibility allows it to position itself as a go-to resource for education on LGBTQ+ realities.




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Émergence Foundation


The Émergence Foundation team, in collaboration with Havas, reached out to us in December 2022 to develop a press relations strategy for a campaign highlighting the 20th edition of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in Quebec, Canada, and internationally.


The objectives were to raise awareness among target audiences, including young people, thanks to the humorous tone chosen by the client, about the challenges and realities of LGBTQPHOBIA, increasing general knowledge while reducing the prejudices circulated throughout society.


The goal was also to enhance the foundation’s notoriety and credibility and to promote donations and grants to continue its mission and various educational and awareness-raising programs. Our challenge was to position the client as a key fundamental player in connection with this day on a media level.


This campaign was once again a resounding success, as we were able to generate significant interest from journalists, and the association between the foundation and the IDAHOT was highlighted thanks to quality monitoring by the team with the media.


We secured numerous interviews that enabled the organization to convey their key messages effectively.

A diverse range of media outlets was leveraged throughout the mandate: TV, radio, web, magazines, daily newspapers, digital, etc., proving highly beneficial in reaching the various desired target audiences.


The relationship cultivated over many years between tök and the client allowed us to guide and support them in the best possible way towards this media success.


In 2023, we continue our work with the Émergence Foundation with the Chosen Family Regional Tour, various general press relations mandates, and the annual management of their social networks.


We are very attached to this partnership and especially proud to support the foundation and the causes it defends, which are dear to us, just as for all our NPO clients.