Case Study - "While the Government Sleeps, Interligne Saves Lives" - Interligne

Client: Interligne

Service: Press Relations

Year: 2023


tök communications has been working with Interligne, a listening and intervention service for the LGBTQ+ community, for a year. We have collaborated on various press relations campaigns to strengthen their communications. Faced with the threat of closure of their nighttime listening line, the client needed expertise in public relations to alert the government, gain visibility, and obtain public support.




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Interligne’s team reached out to our agency in the summer of 2022 to develop a public relations strategy for a campaign aimed at alerting the Quebec government about the imminent closure of its nighttime helpline, effective November 15, 2022, due to lack of funding.


The goal was to exert pressure on Quebec’s governmental institutions and raise public awareness about their situation, rallying support around a powerful slogan: “While the government sleeps, Interligne saves lives.”


The objective was to widely and consistently voice the client’s and the LGBTQ+ community’s concerns. They would be left without specialized psychological support at night, and the public needed to know about the social and economic challenges the organization was facing.


At tök communications, we supported the client by offering our extensive expertise in public relations and providing advisory services throughout the campaign.


We managed to garner significant media interest through our press release, tailored outreach, and the dissemination of the open letter written by their spokesperson. The message was broadly relayed, highlighting the challenges faced and the urgent need for subsidy.


The campaign was a media success and also struck a chord with the government, which granted substantial funding that allows Interligne to continue its nighttime service for at least three more years.


In 2023, we continue to work with Interligne to support their future communication projects with an annual public relations mandate.


We are particularly pleased to have effectively met the needs and objectives of the organization and to continue a lasting, quality relationship with the entire team.