June 2022 - Case Study 'Horace Jewelry's 10th Summer Anniversary

Client: Horace Jewelry

Service: Press Relations

Year: 2018-2023


tök communications has been collaborating with Horace Jewelry for five years. We've had the opportunity to work on various annual press relations campaigns, accompanying their growth. For their tenth anniversary, the creators chose our agency to enhance their visibility in Quebec and the English-speaking Canadian market. Our goal was to increase their recognition and strengthen their positioning as the first choice among their target audience.




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Horace Jewelry


Marie-Josée Fleury and Alexandra Cloutier-Bernier, co-founders of Horace Jewelry, reached out to us in 2018 with the goal of implementing a press relations strategy to increase their visibility and reputation in Quebec among their target customers.


Following the success of this initial project in 2018, we have forged a strong relationship with the clients, who have trusted us for now 5 years.


The media celebration of their 10-year anniversary was a real success, thanks to a robust press relations strategy executed as part of our annual mandate. We were able to collaborate and pique the interest of numerous influential media outlets in Quebec and English-speaking Canada (Ontario, Western Canada), such as Journal Métro, VÉRO, Noovo moi, Elle Québec, National Post, and Toronto Sun. The goal of this mandate was to bolster the brand’s reputation and increase its visibility with a comprehensive 360-degree approach to angles and also bring a corporate dimension by highlighting the brand’s DNA and history to enhance its credibility in the industry.


The seamless communication and privileged relationship between tök communications and the clients contributed to the success of this new campaign. Our media contacts allowed us to introduce new opportunities, such as photo sessions in collaboration with Quebec stylists and well-known brands like RW&CO, a TV appearance on “Si on s’aimait” on TVA, and a partnership with Salut Bonjour! Our goal is always to provide quality advisory service. We thus were able to recommend the co-founders continue a advertorial campaign and initiate a new mass mailing to various influencers in English Canada.


Since this campaign, our collaboration continues in 2023 with the launch of 4 new pieces from their collections last January and the unveiling of a special collection for Mother’s Day in April. We are extremely proud of our partnership with Horace Jewelry and to contribute to the success of this wonderful local brand.