Case Study - SMM Campaign for O'Sullivan College of Montreal

Client: O'Sullivan College of Montreal

Service: Social Media

Year: 2022-2023


In 2022, tök communications was contacted by O’Sullivan College as they were facing a challenge in their digital communications and hadn’t had an established plan for quite some time. Since then, we have been managing their social media 360 and have created an advertising strategy to increase the number of registrations in their programs and to position themselves against their competitors.

Results of Campaign #1

1 162

Prospects Reached

135 137



CTR (Click-Through Rate)

o’sullivan college of montreal


The College’s team shared with us their challenge with advertising communication, implemented in the past, that didn’t yield the expected results.


The goal was to provide them with digital tools, including advertising on their social media, to reach the 18/24 age group by reworking their image and establishing a consistent editorial line.


The advertising sphere was part of the annual mandate entrusted by the client to achieve efficient management of their social media, taking into account the college’s busy periods related to enrolments.


We refreshed their graphic charter to give them a younger image that aligns with the target audience, established a solid communication strategy, conducted an audit of their digital platforms, and launched a conversion offensive towards the registration pages of their site.


Two “Drive to web” ads per month were designed to boost recruitment and anticipate the enrolment and open house period for January 2023.


The performance report allowed us to see that the chosen format (integrated form) was effective and that users filled in each section. Being perfectly optimized, we noted an increase in the number of leads as desired. By choosing 3 versions of texts and structuring speeches through copywriting, the client’s chances of conversion were maximized.


The choice of lifestyle-type photos enabled the audience to project themselves and not to feel the adverse effects that ads can sometimes bring.


Acting as a consultant and expert, we were able to guide the client throughout the mandate and suggest other strategic avenues for the future, such as creative content like “testimonial videos” that build public trust, or photos of real students to bring additional authenticity.


Thanks to our choice collaboration with the client, our expertise, and our support, our partnership continues in 2023 in both editorial creation and new ads for the September intake.