Case Study - Redesign of CPSM's Visual Identity.

Client: Montreal Suicide Prevention Center

Service: Graphic Design

Année: 2023


In late 2022, tök communications had the opportunity to meet with the General Director of Suicide Action Montreal, who shared her communication challenges in her strategic deployment plan. Her brand image no longer reflected the non-profit organization’s profound mission or its services to the population. The client thus entrusted us with the task of redesigning her visual identity and brand image through our graphic design services.

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The General Director of Suicide Action Montreal informed us that their visual identity and brand image did not align with their mission or the services they offered. Their goal was to effectively reach their target audiences, prompting their decision to rebrand as the Centre for Suicide Prevention of Montreal (CPSM). They entrusted us with the mandate to support this significant transformation, leveraging our graphic design expertise as part of an annual strategic mandate.


Our objective in graphic design was to breathe new life into their brand through a complete overhaul of their visual identity (logo, variations, graphic charter, etc.). Our designer went above and beyond to provide the client with an appropriate result, achieving the desired effect both for the CPSM and their target audience. This was exemplified by the selection of a combination of fonts that were both striking and conveyed a human touch. The clients chose a clear and readable logo that maintained a corporate approach and incorporated the internationally recognized suicide prevention ribbon symbol.


Variations of secondary logos were created to accommodate the brand’s diverse identification needs (social networks, displays, signatures, etc.). Our designer thoughtfully selected an orange/yellow color palette, with orange conveying a reassuring, human feel and yellow offering a warm touch and symbolizing hope.


The CPSM team invited us to their event celebrating their 40-year anniversary and the official unveiling of the new brand image. We created a promotional video featuring the organization’s new emblem. The presentation was warmly received by the guests, and the clients were delighted with the reception of their new identity.


We are proud to collaborate with an organization of such public significance as the CSPM. The authentic, privileged relationship of trust we have built with the entire team allows us to continue supporting them in managing their social media and public relations campaigns.